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Genius Girls At Work

It is a good day for science! Aki, Frau and Kurisu gathered to finally boot up Tanegashi Machine-san. They have been working at it for ages and now the day has come! “This… Continue reading

No More For Me?

Right after dinner, the girls took to their toys. Mami-san wasn’t home yet so they waited patiently and kept themselves occupied. Erio played alone, away from everyone. She was never really good in… Continue reading

Hachikuji’s Day Out

Hachikuji thought that bringing a bike was a good idea. As soon as she hopped on it, she knew that she made the right decision. With the wind on her face and the… Continue reading

Refrigerator Raid and Pantsu

Alone in her condo, Kurisu takes off her stuffy hot pants and her coat. She keeps the shirt on and makes a ribbon out of her tie. It was the middle of the… Continue reading