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Genius Girls At Work

It is a good day for science! Aki, Frau and Kurisu gathered to finally boot up Tanegashi Machine-san. They have been working at it for ages and now the day has come! “This… Continue reading

No More For Me?

Right after dinner, the girls took to their toys. Mami-san wasn’t home yet so they waited patiently and kept themselves occupied. Erio played alone, away from everyone. She was never really good in… Continue reading

Miku Crawls Out of a Doughnut Box

Aaah… Mister Donut Cafe! A place for nice coffee and pon de rings. As soon as I opened a box, Miku jumped right in. After stuffing her face with doughnuts (and leaving none… Continue reading

If Bakemonogatari Went Shoujo…

This is probably how it would turn out. Araragi and Senjougahara visited a nearby pastry shop for some sweets. This is a date. Senjougahara clearly pointed out before they got to the shop. “So,… Continue reading

Hachikuji’s Day Out

Hachikuji thought that bringing a bike was a good idea. As soon as she hopped on it, she knew that she made the right decision. With the wind on her face and the… Continue reading

Beating The Summer Heat

The heat presented a big opportunity to open up a business. Yune and Erio got to work and brought out an ice cream van. However, when they reached the park, the heat got… Continue reading

Where to, Hachikuji?

It’s the Holy Week and Hachikuji wanders around on a bike. She stops for a bit to check her map. Make sure to stop when your eyes are off the road! Where are… Continue reading

Cooking with Mayushii!

Mayushii is going to have her very own TV Show called Cooking with Mayushii! We have all seen her special cooking skills. Okabe seems really impressed. Better not make her angry though as… Continue reading

Erio Plays With Eggs

Erio found a tray of eggs. There were many, many eggs. She climbs up the tray and inspects the eggs. “I can hide in here!” she says. But she didn’t feel secure enough.… Continue reading

Kurisu and Mayushii Plan Something

It’s not just Erio who has a special person to give something to this Valentine’s Day! These two girls have someone special too! Kurisu just got back from the store and Mayushii looks… Continue reading

Erio Brings Out Something Big

Valentine’s Day is coming! Erio is thinking of preparing something special for her itoko. It might take a while for her to finish what she’s planning to do. We’ll see what she’s up… Continue reading