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No More For Me?

Right after dinner, the girls took to their toys. Mami-san wasn’t home yet so they waited patiently and kept themselves occupied. Erio played alone, away from everyone. She was never really good in… Continue reading

If Bakemonogatari Went Shoujo…

This is probably how it would turn out. Araragi and Senjougahara visited a nearby pastry shop for some sweets. This is a date. Senjougahara clearly pointed out before they got to the shop. “So,… Continue reading

The Thing About Stories…

While Yune was cleaning, she noticed that I was reading a book. It was Grimm’s Fairytales. “I… I want to read too!” she said. I told her that stories in this book were… Continue reading

Kurisu and Mayushii’s Love Cake

Mami gave the girls a simple instruction on how to bake a cake and which proper ingredients to use. Kurisu didn’t want to agree at first but Mami was being stern about it.… Continue reading

The Girls Try Baking a Cake

What kind of a scientist is Kurisu if she does not experiment, right? It definitely shows in her cooking (for better or for worse). That time when they prepared a party for Suzu,… Continue reading