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Miku Crawls Out of a Doughnut Box

Aaah… Mister Donut Cafe! A place for nice coffee and pon de rings. As soon as I opened a box, Miku jumped right in. After stuffing her face with doughnuts (and leaving none… Continue reading

My Happiness Cycle

Let’s do something different this time. It has been a long long while since I acquired nendoroids so the happiness I felt when I obtained these new ones was out of this world.… Continue reading

Beating The Summer Heat

The heat presented a big opportunity to open up a business. Yune and Erio got to work and brought out an ice cream van. However, when they reached the park, the heat got… Continue reading

Saber Alter Maid

Today we take a break from all the cute and marvel in the beauty that is Saber Alter. O_O My friend recently bought this and as with most his PVCs, he lets me… Continue reading