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No More For Me?

Right after dinner, the girls took to their toys. Mami-san wasn’t home yet so they waited patiently and kept themselves occupied. Erio played alone, away from everyone. She was never really good in… Continue reading

Waiting For The Bus

The girls are out busy today. One is doing errands, one is going to a party and one wants to go home. It was a peaceful day. The town was gracious enough to… Continue reading

Bakeshop Customers

The rest of the residents in town drop by for a visit. Coffee is spilled, mess is cleaned up and more treats are bought! This is a very good day for Bishie Bakeshop.… Continue reading

Bishie Bakeshop: The Opening

A new cafe called Bishie Bakeshop has opened and they serve free coffee! We’re about to open shop! The little maid is hard at work cleaning the place before it opens. Erio works… Continue reading

Erio’s Love Waffles

Perhaps it is expected of Erio to take out the waffle maker since it’s the easiest to use for a girl who can only make egg on top of rice. It really isn’t… Continue reading

Erio Plays With Eggs

Erio found a tray of eggs. There were many, many eggs. She climbs up the tray and inspects the eggs. “I can hide in here!” she says. But she didn’t feel secure enough.… Continue reading

Erio Brings Out Something Big

Valentine’s Day is coming! Erio is thinking of preparing something special for her itoko. It might take a while for her to finish what she’s planning to do. We’ll see what she’s up… Continue reading