Refrigerator Raid and Pantsu

Alone in her condo, Kurisu takes off her stuffy hot pants and her coat. She keeps the shirt on and makes a ribbon out of her tie. It was the middle of the… Continue reading

Yune Being Stubborn

When Yune is being stubborn, she’s really stubborn.

The Thing About Stories…

While Yune was cleaning, she noticed that I was reading a book. It was Grimm’s Fairytales. “I… I want to read too!” she said. I told her that stories in this book were… Continue reading

Bakeshop Customers

The rest of the residents in town drop by for a visit. Coffee is spilled, mess is cleaned up and more treats are bought! This is a very good day for Bishie Bakeshop.… Continue reading

Conversations Over Coffee

The residents in the neighborhood start visiting the cafe. Friendships are made, tummies are filled, a maid is pissed and everyone goes home happy. “Ne Kurisu-chan, you know what? Okarin left his socks… Continue reading

Bishie Bakeshop: The Opening

A new cafe called Bishie Bakeshop has opened and they serve free coffee! We’re about to open shop! The little maid is hard at work cleaning the place before it opens. Erio works… Continue reading

Saber Alter Maid

Today we take a break from all the cute and marvel in the beauty that is Saber Alter. O_O My friend recently bought this and as with most his PVCs, he lets me… Continue reading

Kurisu and Mayushii’s Love Cake

Mami gave the girls a simple instruction on how to bake a cake and which proper ingredients to use. Kurisu didn’t want to agree at first but Mami was being stern about it.… Continue reading

The Girls Try Baking a Cake

What kind of a scientist is Kurisu if she does not experiment, right? It definitely shows in her cooking (for better or for worse). That time when they prepared a party for Suzu,… Continue reading

Erio’s Love Waffles

Perhaps it is expected of Erio to take out the waffle maker since it’s the easiest to use for a girl who can only make egg on top of rice. It really isn’t… Continue reading

Cooking with Mayushii!

Mayushii is going to have her very own TV Show called Cooking with Mayushii! We have all seen her special cooking skills. Okabe seems really impressed. Better not make her angry though as… Continue reading

Erio Plays With Eggs

Erio found a tray of eggs. There were many, many eggs. She climbs up the tray and inspects the eggs. “I can hide in here!” she says. But she didn’t feel secure enough.… Continue reading