Nendoroid Wish 01: Kanna Makino

Today I start a series called Nendoroid Wishes. There are only a little more than 300 nendoroids right now and compared to the number of anime released and the number of popular anime characters, 300 is a miniscule number.

I know that most of the characters I love will probably never have their own nendoroids, so out of frustration, I will discuss a character (or a series) that qualifies as my Nendoroid Wish.

I shall attempt to justify why the character deserves its own nendoroid and will also attempt to illustrate (excuse the crappy drawing?) how cute they will be in nendoroid form.

I’m starting this series with the absolutely moe, absolutely perfect Kanna Makino from Tamako Market.


(Best Girl) Kanna is probably the only moe character that gave me pause and made me rethink my stand about moe characters. Usually, when I sense that a certain character is built specifically for the hnggghs, I shun away, but Kanna got me hook, line and sinker.

Here are my reasons for liking Kanna:

1. Kanna has a deep and husky voice and a particularly dry sense of humor that I would not typically expect of any moe character.


Where she threatens to cook Dera because he’s too fat.

2. Kanna is a carpenter’s daughter and she takes absolute pride in this craft. There is something really, really cute about a girl with a strong sense of identity.

Tamako Market - 08 - Large 03

Look at that proud face! hngggh

3. Speaking of pride in her work, Kanna carries around a wood plane in her bag.


When she “failed” as a carpenter, her immediate reaction was “I will turn it into dust.”

4. Kanna makes her own sound effects.


You don’t hear her here but this is one of the cutest sounds she’s done. XD

5. Kanna believes that anyone can love anyone they want. Haha <3


So true Kanna. So true.

Watching her with the rest of the cast really makes Kanna stand out. I would love to have a Kanna nendoroid.

As for now, here’s a quick sketch of a Kanna nendoroid concept:


(When I get home, I’ll ink her and color her. Probably. If time permits. OTL)

Body: Instead of the pink uniform, I’m going with the standard uniform because I have noticed a severe lack of oversized sweaters in nendoroids. We need more oversized sweaters!

Accessories: a hammer, her tape measure and her wood plane. Possibly her baton too, if we are to make the rest of the girls.

Face plates: her usual stoic face, a sparkling eyes faceplate that she uses when she mutters her diabolical plans and a standard smiling face because I want to see Kanna happy.

Well there goes my first post for this series. Haha I had fun doing this.