No More For Me?

Right after dinner, the girls took to their toys. Mami-san wasn’t home yet so they waited patiently and kept themselves occupied.


Erio played alone, away from everyone. She was never really good in mingling with a lot of people. Yune took it upon herself to clean the dishes. A habit she picked up while she stayed in Paris with Claude. Meanwhile the three girls, Mayushii, Kirino and Miku busied themselves on the table.


Mayushii was never one to just stop eating so even if they were already playing with a lot of toys, she kept one hand free for a banana. The girls played close together, giggling amongst themselves.


The door suddenly opened. They dropped their toys (Mayushii wolfed down her banana) and welcomed Mami-san with glee. Mami-san promised to bring home some chocolates after all. They were pretty excited.


“Here you go! I picked this up on the way home from work. You girls enjoy, okay?” Mami-san placed the box of chocolates on the table. The girls fell into a riot. Through the commotion, Erio disappeared, she really wasn’t any good with crowds. Yune finished cleaning the plates and hurried to the table. “Wait! Wait! Save some for meeee!” she cried but her voice was too soft to get through. All the other girls are already talking all at the same time.


“Fuwaaaaaaa!!! CHOCOLATE!!!” the girls said in glee as they had their way with it. It was a complete mess. Toys were thrown to the side, chairs were flipped. It was chaos. Mami-san have been spoiling them with sweets so they’re on a constant sugar high.


Once the commotion died down, the girls happily went back to their rooms and prepared for bed. Yune finally was able to climb on the table to get a chocolate… but there was none left. “No more for me?” she said to herself, on the verge of tears.


A light shuffling behind her revealed Erio with a blank look on her face. She was holding a piece of chocolate – the Eiffel Tower chocolate. She stretches her hand towards Yune. “I… I saved one for you.” she murmured. Apparently, through the chaos, nobody noticed Erio slip through and grab a piece of chocolate.


“Paris. You like Paris, right? You said so before.” Erio was having trouble getting the words out. “C–Clark-sama? Cain?” she tried to remember the name that Yune kept whispering to herself when she gets lonely.


“Claude-sama!” Yune beams and crawls off the table. “Thank you so much Erio-chan! You’re the sweetest!” Yune holds onto the piece of chocolate and smiles at Erio. “You… are happy.” Erio smiles, satisfied with what she has done. The two of them then cleaned up the mess in the dining room and headed to bed as well.


The End.