If Bakemonogatari Went Shoujo…

This is probably how it would turn out.

Araragi and Senjougahara visited a nearby pastry shop for some sweets. This is a date. Senjougahara clearly pointed out before they got to the shop.

shoujo 042

“So, uhm. What do you want to have Gahara-san?” Araragi asked. It was the first time they held hands and it was awkward at first. “I want doughnuts.” Senjougahara said.

shoujo 050

As Senjougahara browsed through the heap of doughnuts, a faint meowing caught Araragi’s attention. Eh? A black cat? Haha reminds me of–

shoujo 047

“—Black Hanekawa.” the name was so ominous that Araragi didn’t realize he said it out loud.

shoujo 055

Araragi looked up and saw a familiar figure. “Ah! Blac– er, Hanekawa! Hanekawa!” he called out. His voice was so loud that Senjougahara turned to look.

shoujo 059

“Yo!” Araragi beamed. Hanekawa gave a kind smile, a smile that Araragi knows very well. “Araragi-san! How are you today?”

shoujo 067

As the two of them talked, Senjougahara looked at them from the distance.

shoujo 068

“Ah right, I’m here with Gahara-san. Since we’re all here maybe we can all get some doughnuts together or somet–“

shoujo 073

“– Gahara-san where are you going? Gahara-saaaaannn!!”

shoujo 079

“Wait! Wait!”

shoujo 079a

Hanekawa looks on as Araragi catches up to Senjougahara. She watches intently as the two of them once again held hands and walked side by side. She could see Senjougahara twist Araragi’s arm a little bit to which he just laughed.  Hanekawa felt her heart sting but she smiled. As she always do.

shoujo 080

And once again, Hanekawa is alone.

shoujo 092

The end.

If you’re a big fan of shoujo/josei stuff you would recognize that this type of scenario happens all too often. Haha. By the way, I am totally Team Hanekawa.