Sonico in the Kitchen

Sonico is left in the kitchen. She tries to whip up something nice and sweet but was unsatisfied with everything she has done until she finally settled on a dark chocolate cake. *u*

sonico 2 052

Messy messy kitchen!

sonico 2 008

“What nowww?”

sonico 2 012

“I worked hard for this you know!”

sonico 2 046


sonico 2 048

Cupcakes aren’t enough.

sonico 2 018

“Can you stop staring now please?”

sonico 2 065

Okay maybe one last time…

I’m really happy with this Choco*Ochi Super Sonico Collection x Mota. There are two other figures in this collection that I have not taken photos of yet. I’m still thinking of what to do with them. I’m really excited! :D