Waiting For The Bus

The girls are out busy today. One is doing errands, one is going to a party and one wants to go home.

It was a peaceful day. The town was gracious enough to provide a bench near the bus stop for all those waiting to get a ride.

Mayushii was out and about really early. She’s off to deliver a costume for one of her clients. But it was only when she got to the bus stop that she realized she forgot an important accessory. She calls to apologize. :(

Mami-san is bringing a lot of gifts with her. She hopes the bus won’t be too crowded.

Erio just wants to go home. She’ll be making her way home alone today.

I’ve been really busy lately and it seems like these days all I do is commute and work. That’s probably why I came up with this instead of my usual super lengthy posts.  This makeshift “outdoor” backdrop is pretty easy to make. I’m just lucky I keep dried up flowers in my room. XD