Refrigerator Raid and Pantsu

Alone in her condo, Kurisu takes off her stuffy hot pants and her coat. She keeps the shirt on and makes a ribbon out of her tie. It was the middle of the night and she was exhausted, she was also very, very hungry. So she goes to the kitchen, turns on the light and tries to scavenge her cupboard for food.


“Let’s see, I have some pretzels, some cookies…”


“And hmmm… tea. I’m not in the mood for tea.”


“Well that was useless.  How about the fridge then?”


“Aha! A cupcake!”


“Yay!!! I’m going to have this tonight!”


“It’s really great that I saved one from the Bishie Bakeshop trip Mayushii and I–“


From way too close, a very sweet and very familiar voice called out, “Kurisu-chaaaan!!! TUTTURU~!”


Mayushii popped up in her condo. Kurisu completely forgot that she gave Mayushii permission to visit anytime she wants. Mayushii looks at Kurisu and blinks. “…eh? Why don’t you have any pants on?”


“Hmm? You’re not moving… is this a new game? Mayushii will do it too!” Mayushii giggled and propped her arms up. Kurisu was still in shock.


“Awwww Kurisu-chan! Don’t be embarrassed! It’s okay to not wear pants! I will remove my pants too if you want!” Kurisu buried her head in shame. “Pp-p-please don’t!”


“Awww!! Heyyy! Mayushii won’t tell Okarin that you dress like this at home! I promise!”

After Kurisu got over the embarrassment of being discovered how she dresses at home, the two friends shared the lone cupcake.