Kotobukiya Anjou Naruko

First, let’s start with a little confession: I can relate myself to Anaru’s predicament, more than I dare to admit. Not with the whole ‘loving a friend who doesn’t love me back’ thing but with her life progression as a whole.

I can relate to her childhood as much as I can relate to her ‘growing up’ phase. I can also relate to her inner demons, like feeling jealous and insecure of people who are seemingly perfect and loved by everyone. Easily being influenced by other people so I can fit in.

Lastly, I can also relate to the feeling of people talking about you behind your back, calling you all sorts of words that can be derived from ‘whore’. People whispering bad things loud enough for me to hear when really, all I wanted to do was play games and not offend anyone.

So yeah I was really happy when I found out that Kotobukiya made a really well-done Anaru scale fig. When I saw her up for sale, I grabbed her immediately! Worth every penny! I plan on shooting her together with Menma when I get the chance to go out of town. They really look best in a countryside setting. :)


A smile is the strongest form of armor.


Anaru’s legs go on forever. Really one of the best parts of this figure.


She raises it up just slightly. Like she’s about to go up somewhere steep. It’s not sexual at all.


The base looks lovely as well. I’m happy Kotobukiya didn’t go for a plain base. But then again I’m always happy with Kotobukiya’s thoughtfulness in design.


Her face is the BEST PART of this figure. She looks so pretty. I take one look at her and I know I want her to my waifu. XD But seriously, deep down Anaru is a very sweet girl despite looking so tsun and vain at first.


One may think that she has a ‘love hotel face” lol but she really is surprisingly innocent and naive.


She knows that she isn’t perfect and she knows that she has a lot of flaws. There are times when I watch her that I cringe, because I understand what she’s feeling and what she’s trying to do. When she wore this dress, I had to look away because I knew what she wanted to happen and it hurts me that she would go through something so blatant as dressing like Menma. Tsuruko told her off but I’m sure that Anaru knows whatever Tsuruko had to say already. And that’s what hurts. That’s why when the time came that she openly expressed that she felt disgusting, I felt for her so bad.

Anyway that’s it for my love for Anaru. :D I can’t wait to shoot her with Menma! <3