The Thing About Stories…

While Yune was cleaning, she noticed that I was reading a book. It was Grimm’s Fairytales. “I… I want to read too!” she said. I told her that stories in this book were not necessarily for kids. And some may have sad endings.

She looked at me, defiant. “I… I like sad endings too!” she insisted, but the doubt in her voice was unmistakable. I took out the book and spread the pages. She eagerly propped on the text as I read some stories to her.

yunereads2 011

Every story takes us on a wonderful journey.

yune reads 008

Along the journey, we see all sorts of things. Beautiful things, wonderful things. Things we can only dream of.

yune reads 012

We meet new people and make friends with them. They join us in our journey.

yunereads 001

And then certain events take place and we can only stand and watch as it happens.

yunereads 002

Bad things happen. Our friends leave us. Some betray us. Some are killed. We search for answers. We keep reading. We keep going.

yunereads 025

Eventually, everything will make sense. We will cry for fallen comrades and lost friendships. This is called a catharsis.

yune reads 006

At the end of it we will close the book and sigh in contentment. For the journey we have taken is a long one and now we must rest.

Remember that we are the only creatures who can go on such a journey within the realms of our mind.

And with that, Yune goes to sleep.