Conversations Over Coffee

The residents in the neighborhood start visiting the cafe. Friendships are made, tummies are filled, a maid is pissed and everyone goes home happy.

cake shop 125

“Ne Kurisu-chan, you know what? Okarin left his socks inside the phone microwave this morning!”

cake shop 119

“… that is gross. And disgusting.”

cake shop 115

Unknown to them, a lonely Saber looks over the window.

cake shop 109

She taps gently on the window but Mayushii and Kurisu were too engrossed in their conversation.

cake shop 154

Meanwhile, a lonely Homu approaches the treats table. Erio said they can’t give out extra boxes for take out today so Homu has to settle dining in.

cake 012

Homu has been feeling down for a while. She hasn’t been able to make friends at school. She feels so alone amidst the hustle and bustle of the bakeshop.

cake 002

“I should have just stayed home…”

cake 016

A hungry Saber stumbles inside the bakeshop. “Oh uhm.. hello. Do you want to join me?” Homu asks nervously.

cake 022

“Come on, let’s get you some cake.”

cake 031

The two of them spent a great amount of time talking.

cake 049

“Hey I know! Let’s walk around town! I’ve seen some really nice things on the way here!” Saber reaches for Homu’s hand. A new friendship has blossomed!