Bakeshop Customers

The rest of the residents in town drop by for a visit. Coffee is spilled, mess is cleaned up and more treats are bought! This is a very good day for Bishie Bakeshop.

cake 058

Mayushii loves her huge banana pie ala mode!

cake 055

Uh oh but look! That coffee mug is teetering over the edge! That can’t be good.

cake 070

Saber Maid curses under her breath as she cleans up the mess. She’s a very cranky maid.

cake 088

“I–i–irrashaimase!” Erio struggles talking to customers. But Mami was kind enough to go easy on her. “Can you wrap some muffins for me please?” she smiles.

cake 089

“Rrr-ri-right away!” Erio fumbles.

cake 099

Mami leaves the bakeshop with the muffins in her bag and a smile on her face. Back at her apartment, Sayaka and Madoka are waiting for her. It’s nice to have new friends.