Saber Alter Maid

Today we take a break from all the cute and marvel in the beauty that is Saber Alter. O_O

My friend recently bought this and as with most his PVCs, he lets me take photos of them for posterity’s sake. He brought it to my house this afternoon and because I wasn’t able to plan for her set-up (I was planning something else at the time, I could only make do with what was around me.

saber 048 copy

She looks absolutely stunning even without a decent setup. Alter did an amazing job. I still really prefer this version to the earlier one.

saber 035 copy

She looks so aloof. So kuudere. I love it I love it I love it. My boyfriend complains that she’s too ghostly white. I think that’s exactly what makes her beautiful. I’ve always had a thing with white-blonde hair. So beautiful.

saber 027 copy

Her pose is just divine. I absolutely love the fluffy skirt and the gazillion ruffles. Although she looks imposing and strong in this angle, my favorite angle of her is of her back.

saber 085 copy

I must have taken a million photos of her back. So pretty!

saber 074 copy


saber 076 copy

The hair detail, and ever single loving scruffle on her dress and her bow and her garter tights just makes me swoon.

saber 032 copy

She almost looks like a vampire in this shot. Well with her ghostly skin and hair, I wouldn’t be surprised.

saber 011 copy

She looks best under natural lighting. As with most PVCs. :)

saber 070 copy

The base is perfect as well. I like how they didn’t use black/white squares. It makes the presence more ominous. It almost feels like a bloodstained floor. :)

saber 087 copy

Floofy skirt of my dreams!!

Well that’s it for Saber Alter Maid ver. 2! I won’t be able to take more photos of her since my friend took her home already. Gyah I’m so envious but I’m not exactly a Saber fan so I’ll leave that line to him. I’m just happy he lets me take photos of his wonderful collection. haha

My nendos are up next! :D