The Girls Try Baking a Cake

What kind of a scientist is Kurisu if she does not experiment, right? It definitely shows in her cooking (for better or for worse). That time when they prepared a party for Suzu, she almost gave everyone a heart attack with the ingredients she bought. Today is no exception. The girls visited Mami because she has a proper oven for baking.

“Kurisu-chan, these are strange ingredients to get for making a cake!” Mayushii laughs.

02_kurisu 014

“Please get a knife Mayushii. We need to chop the cabbage.” Kurisu pointed towards the cabinet.

03_kurisu 035

“Kurisu-chan can I chop it? Pleeeease?” Mayushii holds the butcher knife up.

04_kurisu 049

Kurisu takes one look at Mayushii and steps away… very slowly. “Uhm, okay, okay… you go do that while I… uh, get something from the fridge.” Kurisu hurries to the fridge and finds her most treasured purchase from the store. “Yes! It’s still here! That idiot didn’t eat it yet.”

05_kurisu 061


06_kurisu 077

Meanwhile, Mami arrives from her puella duties and finds Mayushii chopping up the cabbage. “What do you think you’re doing? I thought you girls were going to bake a cake?!” she said. Mayushii drops the knife in surprise. Kurisu was too busy nomming on her dessert to notice.

07_valentines 006

“Aaaah, it can’t be helped, I’ll give you a recipe on how to bake a cake.” Mami writes on a piece of paper.

Yay Mami! Perhaps this time, Mayushii and Kurisu will be able to actually bake a cake for Okabe this Valentine’s Day.