Kurisu and Mayushii’s Love Cake

Mami gave the girls a simple instruction on how to bake a cake and which proper ingredients to use. Kurisu didn’t want to agree at first but Mami was being stern about it.

08_valentines 011

The girls get to work. Mayushii takes charge of mixing the batter while Kurisu agreed to put it in the oven. They wanted to make a heart-shaped cake for Valentine’s Day. Okabe will be pleased. But you know, it’s not like it’s Kurisu’s idea or anything (baka!)

09_valentines 012

“I’ll put it in the oven.” Kurisu offers and picks up a tray. She slides the cake mix in. It looks pretty good.

11_valentines 027

“Ta-dah! Cake done! Frosting done!” Mayushii squeezes the tube of frosting. It looks too lovey dovey Kurisu realizes.

12_valentines 047

“Yay finished!” Mayushii beams. Kurisu turns to look away. “It’s not that I want to bake this cake for Okabe, I’m just here to help!” she says, a blush creeping up her cheek.

13_valentines 065

It really doesn’t matter what Kurisu says though. When she gives it to Okabe, her red face will show it all.

Happy Valentine’s Day! :D